Hierophant reversed feelings

All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Contact us. Hi what would a hierophant rx mean in a relationship reading??? I am thinking it means that the relationship would not be traditional or marriage??? If you consider that the upright Hierophant can suggest a traditional, conventional relationship that sometimes leads to marriage, then the Hierophant, rx, would block that energy and could, instead, leave one of the parties in the relationship high and dry.

Or, it could suggest that the relationship will never follow societal rules in some respect. Rebel vs. Originally Posted by saleeneh. The two are of two different cultures and relgion good catch!

Reversals are not always negative and can be positive to very positive. I think I've said it elsewhere but while I love Thirteen's posts and learn much wisdom from them I think she? Ever since I started to read tarot cards for others and for myself with some genuine skill and insight, I have found that the Rider Waite pack is the best for me to arrive at genuine readings although at present I am reading with a different pack.

That doesn't mean this classic deck is good for everybody and of course there is a bit of old fashioned sexism etc in Waite's booklet where he lists meanings derived from his own interpretation and traditional interpretations. However, one thing that always struck me as being true in my own experiences again that is not saying everybody should read the same way is that some reversals improve the meaning and influence of a card.

hierophant reversed feelings

For example the 5 of Cups reversed is regarded by me and others as positive most of the time - the Waite meanings include "News, alliances, affinities, ancestry, return" as well as the negative "False projects". I suggest the OP find the booklet of Waite's meanings and read the reversed Heirophant meaning - sorry, at the moment I don't have a copy as I don't have a Waite pack in my home and I can't think of the precise meanings he used.

But I am sure there are positives there. While I read intuitively I have also found Waite a solid base of meanings although not every one he gives is relevant or suitable. But the reversals are not necessarily negative and in a number of cases have appeared when I have been reading as literally the reverse of a negative situation or a situation that has some negative implications as shown by the card.

When I see the hierophant reversed the first thing that comes to mind is "out side the box". Traditional marriage is thrown out the window, they must set their own course in their relationship, not letting others or culture get in their way. If they are not strong enough to do this the relationship will fail. It is a hard course to follow, but if their love is true their relationship will be strong and long lasting. Traditional marriage to them is just a piece of paper, their relationship can be so much more if they are willing to stand their ground.

One interpretation is one of the partners is finding the traditional relationship stifling and longs to break free of convention so within a long-term partnership can represent a crisis which will either re-generate it along less conventional lines, separate houses for example, or may break it up completely. What's presented to the outside world may be a front as appearances and impressions are important, until the card reverses.

A couple of examples that come to my mind are polygamous marriages or in the case where a non-Catholic marries a Catholic.Traditional institutions, traditional values, conventional, conformity, marriage, commitment, religion, beliefs, knowledge sharing. The Hierophant is the card of traditional values and institutions. The Hierophant can represent a counsellor or mentor who will provide you with wisdom and guidance or a spiritual or religious advisor such as a priest, vicar, preacher, imam, rabbi or a monk.

Alternatively, you may be dealing with someone who is very set in their ways. The institutions The Hierophant Tarot card can represent include economic, religious, political, social, family, educational, social welfare and medical. Its appearance can signify that now is a time to conform to convention or tradition. It can also be an indicator that you will take part in some sort of traditional ceremony or that you may start creating some new traditions or rituals of your own.

For those in relationships, The Hierophant is the marriage and commitment card of the Major Arcana. You can expect your relationship to become more committed and begin moving towards new relationship milestones when this card appears.

It indicates that you and your partner share the same values and goals, a very good card to get if a committed relationship is what you want. If you are single, this card signifies a new relationship on the horizon which will be built on commitment, love and security.

This is a good time to get involved in group or team projects career wise. The Hierophant is a signifier for sharing knowledge so you may find you get a teacher or mentor who will help you along your career path.

Alternatively, you may also become a mentor or trainer of others. Also, now is a good time to take up study in an established educational institution. Financially, this is good time to get involved low risk, conventional investment opportunities.

You should stick to conventional methods of managing your money. If you need financial advice use traditional financial institutions. If you are experiencing health issues The Hierophant Tarot card indicates that conventional medicine may be the best route for you at the moment. You would also do well to introduce some sort of health routine such into your daily life e. The Hierophant is a very spiritual card, he is known as the link between mankind and the Higher Power.

A spiritual advisor might be coming into your life to guide you on your spiritual path. Challenging tradition, unconventional lifestyles, unconventional relationships, reversed roles, non-conformity.

When The Hierophant Tarot appears reversed it is time to break with convention. You will want to change traditional structure, social norms and rigid rules. The Hierophant reversed can signify an unconventional way of living or an alternative lifestyle. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are clinging desperately to old ways to your detriment or it may indicate that you have feelings of guilt and shame associated with behaving in a way that goes against the values you were raised with.

Learning to live by your own rules, while still listening to your own conscience, will bring you freedom from oppression. It will open your mind and expand your horizons in a positive way.You have a keen sense of originality, you are not afraid to undertake new ventures because you have an open mind.

Accept the responsibility of truly finding your own way and begin to form your own original ideas. Recognize the free spirit that glows within your soul - it is the new adventures that will make you whole. Someone will listen to your ideas - so never be afraid to speak your mind or do what you feel is best.

hierophant reversed feelings

Have the courage of your convictions - there are always new and refreshing vibrations coming into your life that will promote open mindedness and a frank outlook on life if you will just learn to be receptive to them. To the neurotic, this looking outside of the self for the accepted norm of behavior can become literally "the voice of God. The only problem here is Hegel's use of the word only. We exist in a system, by the grace of that system into which we are born, but then we must decide for ourselves how we want to use, to adapt, to change that system and so pass it on to the next generation.

Others of us strike out on very different paths from the map handed to us. Questions to Answer: Who are you looking to for assistance, direction or learning? What law or rule do you feel you have transgressed and who would hold you accountable? What traditions are you upholding? What traditions are you rebelling against? What are you learning?

hierophant reversed

How do you express your feelings? The Hierophant R - A "limiting" mind does not accept the present reality, regardless of what it is. It is always unsatisfied which creates emotional disappointment and soon develops into physical setbacks. Life is a learning process - we learn from our successes and our mistakes for they represent areas for personal growth and breakthrough.The Hierophant is the moral and social conscience of the deck. He offers spiritual guidance, and when upright and positive, he can stand for that favored spiritual leader who guides us all through troubled times and ethical dilemmas.

At his best, he is about humility and teaching, about getting people through deeply frightening and difficult situations. He also represents the wider rules of society, what we teach each other in order to get along and fit in, everything from common courtesy and social graces to laws and rules.

When reversed, however Here is the man pounding on the holy book, insisting that every commandment must be followed to the letter. He refuses to listen to alternate interpretations of what is written, refuses to bend or flex. He teaches by rote, and had no mercy for those who disagree. In a general sense, he represents the most unforgiving aspect of society; the one that stones and burns those who do not conform.

It can be telling the querent that they are either in danger for trying to be different, speak up or blow the whistle--or it can tell them that they, themselves, are being far too inflexible in their point of view. Too harsh in their judgement of another's failings, weaknesses or individuality.

The Hierophant gets spiritual inspiration from above and makes it real on Earth. In psychological terms, he is the superego communicating and guiding the ego. If this is blocked, then the ego is without guidance.

hierophant reversed

It has only the rules it wrote down to follow, with no knowledge of WHY such rules should be followed. Hence, the community is unable to adjust its laws, erase those that no longer apply or create new ones which might be needed. They follow law by rote, without true spiritual guidance, ethics or morality behind such laws. It is very much a matter of a parents saying to a child, "Do this because I say so!

And so true conscience for why this ought to be done, or not done, is never developed. Fear of punishment keeps the child from disobeying. Not morality or a belief in the rightness of the law.Key Meanings of Reversed Hierophant Tarot Card Keywords: Freedom, challenging tradition, reversed roles, personal beliefs, non- conformity, unconventional relationships. Hierophant is the fifth card of the Major Arcana that depicts a religious figure positioned in a sacred place like a church.

Known as Pope or Teacher, Hierophant is ruled by the zodiac sign Taurus. It is the masculine counterpart of the High Priestess that represents a religious counselor or advisor. Tarot card Hierophant signifies conventional and spiritual approach. The card also indicates organization and traditional institutions. Its presence in the general readings reminds you to take a conventional outlook and follow values that have a traditional or spiritual aspect.

With Hierophant tarot, you inspire to seek stability and commitment instead of breaking laws or taking risks. Find how planets influence your life with your detailed Birth Chart Report. Tarot Hierophant is a positive tarot card for the relationship that speaks of commitment and marriage. The card represents two people who mentor each other and share a similar life purpose. They are perfect soulmates that share knowledge with each other and discover who they really are.

The card is a good omen that signifies that you and your partner will enjoy stability and experience many good things in the future. If you are single, the card is an indication that you will soon find a person who will share the same values and beliefs as you.

Hierophant in love reading is a sign that your love life is based on security and strong commitments. In a career reading, Hierophant signifies you as a teacher or counselor who shares knowledge and inspires others. Alternatively, it speaks of a mentor at the workplace who may tell you the ins and outs of the job and help you to achieve a good position in the career.

The card indicates traditional institutions.

hierophant reversed feelings

You may think of joining a school or attend any specialized classes for career enhancement. If you are going through upheavals in business, take a break and figure out what are your basic necessities and what are the luxuries that are increasing unwanted expenses.

Follow the rules, work in teams or groups and avoid any unconventional approach when Hierophant appears in your career readings. Invest in conventional finances as it is the best time to go for low risk investments. For financial advice, seek professional help or ask someone who expertise in financial matters.

Tarot card Hierophant asks you to value your money. Track your expenses and avoid spending too much more than you need, suggests Hierophant Tarot card reading. Hierophant appears when you are facing emotional instability in life. The card urges you to seek help if you feel emotional block or fail to address the reason behind it. If you are facing health issues, maintain a daily routine that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet.The Hierophant card serves as the masculine counterpart of the High Priestess and is the number five of the Major Arcana cards in the tarot deck.

This card is also known as the High Priest or the Pope and is governed by Taurus. Before diving deeper into the upright- and reversed Hierophant card meaning, and its connection to love, work, and life, below a quick overview of the most important words connected to this Major Arcana card. The Hierophant tarot card is also called the Teacher of Wisdom. The basic symbols of the Hierophant card are twin pillars, a staff, throne, the triple crown of a pope, a hand raised in blessing, and two followers.

The Hierophant sits in the middle of two pillars. He shows sanctity that are characteristics for a holy temple or a church; however, this temple is different from the one where the High Priestess sits. The Hierophant sits on a throne on an elevated podium demonstrating authority. It also designates being superior among others. He wears three robes which are red, blue and white — and a three-tiered crown.

They both signify the three realms which he dominates the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious. In his left hand, he carries a triple cross that shows his religious position. The horizontal bars in the cross represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

There are two followers that kneel before him. Through these devotees, the card also comes to characterize resulting in the way to understanding and education. When the Hierophant card is upright in a reading, it represents a necessity to follow existing conventions, rules, or a well-established procedure. It advises you to maintain conventional boundaries that are considered a standard method.

Rather than being inventive and breaking norms, you will be familiarized with certain traditions, beliefs, and systems which are existing already for quite a long time.

The Hierophant card embodies a customary set of spiritual beliefs and is frequently associated with religion and other formal ideologies. Thus, this card suggests that you learn the necessary values from a trusted source such as a mentor or a spiritual counselor. What you can do is ask guidance and cooperate with a teacher, mentor, or leader to teach you about spiritual values and beliefs in a well-thought manner.

They can give you wisdom and advice. These people can be experts that will help you awake and nurture your core values. The Hierophant card can also be a sign that you need to bring back family customs that are being neglected — instead of innovation and breaking the old ways. Build a regular practice or habit such as everyday prayer or expressing gratitude before a meal.

Consider discovering your spiritual or religious heritage. Surround yourself with people that help you to go back to what you have been taught. The Hierophant means full commitment, therefore the Hierophant in a love context is a very good sign. It is associated with traditional and solid relationships and indicates that you and your partner are on the same page about pretty much everything.

hierophant reversed feelings

Get ready for one of your friendships to turn into a romance full of romance and fidelity! What are your values and what is important for you? Even if they are from a totally different background or disagree with your values.

REVERSALS: The Hierophant Reversed

When I was at a crossroads in my relationship, finding direction and strength from my daily Tarot Card reading truly worked miracles for me and my relationship with my now loving and supportive husband. Interested in giving it a try right now?Breaking rules. Rejecting orthodox ways and tradition. You begin to think for yourself for once and make your own decisions and live by your own rules.

It can be time when you deliberately search for a new path to take, aware that the path you have tread for so long is not the only one. There is a great sense of freedom and a lifting of oppression.

Following another set of beliefs instead of the old ones. You may be questioning authority or behaving immorally. You may leave school, college or any formal training institute. It is a time of feeling and acting rebelliously. You may decide not to go with tradition and not marry. You may be causing a scandal by behaving inappropriately or immorally.

Perhaps you have done something that you feel ashamed of. You may feel you have sinned and fear or face excommunication from friends, family and even the community at large. You may have impure thoughts about another.

Infidelity and indiscretion. Your conscience may be bothering you. With blinkers on you go through life thinking that you know it all and feel superior to others. Back to Lesson 3. The Reversed Hierophant… in his upright form he is the benevolent man of God who wishes to usher as many people as he can into the Kingdom of Heaven, but in this form… he can only lead into the bowels of Hell. Metaphorically speaking.

Like Like. Yes, the Reversed Hierophant can be a piece of work. He believes his power comes from him and not through him, a bit like the Reversed Magician. He can set extreme rules and severe laws under the guise of religion or ideology.

He can be inflexible and unforgiving of those who challenge his authority or go against his orders. For me he also represents the Catholic Church in Ireland during the grim days of our recent past. They were handed this country on a silver platter by those who we commemorate this weekend of The Easter Rising.

The rebels apparently fought for our freedom and emancipation from Imperial British rule. They got it, but gave it away to those much worse than the old enemy. Although we had a government built on democracy, it was the Catholic Church who wielded supreme power over everyone.

They were, and still are in a lot of cases, misogynists, pedophiles and corrupt down to their toes. They were also Nazi sympathisers. Women had more rights and freedom when Ireland was under British Rule.

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